Chocolate Hills in Bohol

How they come into being is a geologic mystery, although several geologists have offered different theories. There is a local story about the hills being leftovers of a mud fight between warring fiants, or are huge tears of a broken-hearted giant turning to stone as he lamented a lost love. Geologists theorize that the hills are the remnants of ancient coral formations that at one time were underwater, but, due to a rising of the land mass currently known as the island of Bohol, surfaced. Exposed to rain and wind, they slowly formed into their current shape. A nice theory but a theory, not a fact. No one really can say for certain.

As you look into the distance, you see these little domes of grass-covered limestone reaching all the way to the horizon. If there were 20 or 30 of these hills, it would be an interesting tourist site. But there are over a thousand of them. Truly amazing.

There are basically three methods of getting to Chocolate Hills - by public bus, by tour bus or by private car. Public buses leave from the bus station behind the provincial hospital in Tagbilaran, or either Ubay and Pilar on the north, and from Tubigon. The destination of these buses will most likely include Carmen. But understand that the road to the Chocolate Hills complex is about four kilometers south of Carmen. (Text and photos by Sunstar Horizons).